Mosquito Fish

Gambusia affinis

Family Poeciliidae.

Distribution From New Jersey to Florida, from Alabama to East Texas (U.S.A.).

Description Shape: females resemble the guppy (Poecilia reticulata): males somewhat more robust Color: male is transparent gray with a bluish shimmer on the sides, olive-brownish back, silvery belly. A blac> vertical bar through the eye. The original form has numerous loosely distributed black spots. Size: male up to 1fin (3.5 cm), female up to 2|in (6 cm). Sexuai differences: size, shape and male gonopodium. Environment Medium-fast-flowmg and still waters brackish water also tolerated. Temperature: room temperature. In the wild, survives temperatures from 37 *F (3 "C) to 86 "F (30 °C). pH and water hardness not important. Furnishings: ample vegetation and a certain amount of swimming space. Feeding A hearty eater, consuming up to its own body weight of foodstuff per day. Mosquito larvae are particularly popular.

Biology Behavior: lively, somewhat quarrelsome schooling fish. Reproduction: very simple, as long as they are well fed. Will eat their own young Social life best kept in single-species schools, in a large, shallow tank Compatibility unsuitable for community aquaria.

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