Onestriped African Characin

Nannaethiops unitaematus Family Citharinidae.

Distribution The whole of tropical Africa from the White Nile to the west coast

Description Shape medium-long body. Small mouth. Large adipose fin. Complete lateral line. Color: brown to brownish-olive back; belly and throat yellowish or whitish with a silver sheen. A dark narrow band extends from the mouth over the eye to the end of the caudal fin. This is topped by an iridescent metallic band, colored a brilliant copper to gold Size up to in (6.5 cm). Sexual differences: male slender, brilliantly colored During the mating season the front part of the dorsal fin and the lobes of the tail fin become a brilliant blood red.

Environment Temperature: 73-79 "F (23-26 C). pH and water hardness: neutral reaction and medium hardness will suffice. Illumination, substrate, furnishings: bright lighting, occasional sun. Fine sand on the bottom is essential. Vegetation not too thick. Feeding Live and dry food; plenty of insects. Biology Behavior: a lively fish living nearthe bottom. Reproduction: The fish is very productive. Large spawning tank needed —10-12gal (40-501). After spawning the breeding fish should be removed. Social life: a schooling fish. Compatibility: Can be mixed with fishes living near the surface, such as Epiplatys species.

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