OSCAR or Velvet Cichlid

Astronotus ocellatus

Family Cichlidae.

Distribution Amazon, Parana, Rio Paraguay, Rio Negro.

Description Shape: fairly deep body, an elongated oval shape, moderately compressed Upper and lower profiles similarly curved Color: highly variable according to size, age. sex and above all mood. Most h<we brilliant, irregular black-edged stripes on an olive-green to chocolate-brown ground There is a round, red-rimmed eyelike patch on the upper part of the caudal n base Size up to 1 ft 1 in (33 cm) Sexual differences i )t apparent, examine sexual genital organs of spawning fi-n Environment Temperature: 68-77 °F (20-25 *C). pH and water hardness no special requirements; dechlorinated water, a proportion of it changed regularly but not too suddenly. Substrate and furnishings a large cichlid tank with stones and roots but without rooted plants. Good aeration and filtration Deep gravel botto i Feeding Omnivorous.

Biology Behavior, typical large cichlid, but fa >y peaceable Reproduction:already sexually mature w: 4 to 4£ in (10-12cm) long Eggs are whitish at first, becoming transparent after 24 hours Forms long-lasting pairs. Social life and compatibility they can be kept together with Cichlasoma meeki.

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