Peacock CiCHLID

Cichla ocellaris

Famity Cichlidae.

Distribution Widely distributed over the entire n „_ cal region of South America, chiefly in still waters. Description Shape: relatively elongated for a Cichhd Very compressed; typical shape for a predator. Dors, ,n notched between spiny and rayed portions CoU r. juvenilesgray-green, mature fish silvery on the sides, leaf green on the t>3ck Young specimens usually have a lengthwise stripe; after a middle phase marked y vertical bars, mature fish show none of these markings On the upper part of the caudal-fin base is a solid bla k patch edged with gold. Size: up to 2ft (60cm). Sexual differences: unknown.

Environment Temperature: over 68 °F (20 °C). pH and water hardness, no special requirements. Ilium: nation and furnishings: can be kept in well-planted tank for some time, but needs a great deal of oxygen. Does i dig in the substrate. Medium lighting. Feeding Exclusively a predator. Biology Behavior: only young fish can adapt to small private aquaria; mature specimens are only for large public aquaria Reproduction. Unknown. Compatibility: should be kept only with fishes of the san.

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