Potamogeton Densus

Potamogeton densus

Family Potamogetonaceae. The term is derived from two Greek words meaning "living near the river. Distribution Europe, Asia, North Africa. Description Perennial submerged plant with creep ing rhizome; cylindrical stem; oval, lanceolate or near / hnear light green leaves, joined to the stem by a dilated base

Propagation By cuttings. The tips are cut and embedded in the soil-

Environment Temperature: 50-59°F (10-15 "Cl, but able to survive at lower temperatures; it has been a popular plant for cold aquaria. pH: neutral or slightly alkaline. Water hardness:medium. Illumination: intense Soil: sand and mud.

Note Potamogeton densus is often used to oxygenai * and purify the water of cold aquaria, where it grows well as long as the light level is sufficent. In general, species <: I the genus Potamogeton are not considered best for 2 3 * 5 i|> 9 ononis warm-water aquarium use.

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