Ramirezdwarf Cichlid

Apistogramma ramirezi

Family Cichlidae. Distribution Venezuela and Bolivia Description Shape: typical dwarf cichlid Characn istic deep, flat body and great compression. The dorsal fin is high, the first three spines black and the second, in males, elongated. Color, base color in fine specimens pale purplish red A vertical bar through the eye; a black spot under the spiny part of the dorsal fin, surrounded by spots of blue (or some other metallic color). Si/' 23 in (7 cm). Sexual differences male more brightly colored, with elongated second ray on dorsal fin. Environment Temperature: 73-77 F (23 25 'C : 81-82 "F (27-28 "C) for breeding. pH slightly acid; filter through peat. Water hardness: soft water. Illun nation, substrate, furnishings: ample vegetation (thre fourths of tank area), medium lighting, numerous hiding places.

Feeding Preferably not too coarse or large live food Biology Behavior territorial and living in pai Reproduction, not very easy. Breeds in cavities. A goi d spawning produces 150-200 eggs, which are laid n stones or in hollows in the bottom Both partners lot k after the eggs; the young hatch out after 48 hours ard swim free after 5-6 days. The shoal is cared for largely 'V the male Social life, as with nearly all cichlids, the shoal of young fish is broken up by the formation of pairs


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