Red Cichlid Jewel Fish

Hemichromis bimaculatus

Family Cichlidae.

Distribution The river systems of the Nile, Niger and Zaire.

Description Shape. elongated, compressed sil houette. Color:brown back with a greenish sheen;sid of body greenish yellow; yellowish underside. A dan. horizontal band extending along side may break up into five or six large patches. At spawning time almost the whole body is red (brighter in the female), the forehead and back being olive green with a reddish sheen; bluish black patches, accompanied by six or seven rows of sky-blue spots Size: up to 6 in (15cm). Sexual differences apart from the color changes at the time of sexual activity, the spawning tube is pointed in the male, rounded in the female.

Environment Temperature: 72-82 °F (22-28 "C) (the higher value for breeding). pH: around 7. Water hardness, medium to medium hard. Substrate and furnishings: large tank with coarse sand or gravel. Single large plants.

Feeding Abundant, not-too-small live food Biology Behavior: only young fish can be kept in schools. Mature fish can be kept only in pairs. Reproduction : pairs must form from the same group. Excellent parents. Social life and compatibility: fairly aggressive Can be kept only with equally powerful species—e.g. two or three different species of cichlids c F

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