Redfin Shark

Labeo erythrurus ar

Family Cyprinidae.

Distribution Thailand: the Mekong River at Komarat Description Shape: an elongated carp, torpedo-shaped, with an almost straight belly line and slightly arched back. Slimmer than many species of the same genus, with well-developed organs for sucking and chewing and grinding up vegetation in the low-set mouth Two pairs of barbels. Color: back ranging from light brown to blue-black, lighter toward the underside, and spotted. A dark spot or vertical bar on the caudal peduncle. All the fins are red. Size: in (12 cm). Sexual differences: unknown.

Environment Temperature: 70-75 (max. 81) "F (21-24, max. 27 °C). pH and water hardness: undemanding; best to provide soft, neutral to slightly acid water. Furnishings: large tank with ample vegetation (two-thirds to three-quarters of area) and many hiding places.

Feeding Live food of all kinds, algae, lettuce. Keep the diet varied.

Biology Behavior: the young live in schools; adults territorial Reproduction: not yet achieved in the aquarium. Compatibility: easily maintained in a community tank.

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