Redtailed Black Shark

Labeo bicolor

Family Cyprinidae.

Distribution Thailand, mainly in streams. Description Shape: elongated body, laterally compressed; somewhat deeper body than L. erythrurus. Color: sharply divided into two colors: body black with caudal fin in strongly contrasting orange to blood red Size: up to 4jin (12cm). Sexual differences: female is significantly bulkier.

Environment Turbid streams. Temperature "F

(23-27 °C). pH: 5.5-7: light peat content. Water hardness: soft water. Illumination and furnishings: large tank, with moderate lighting and plenty of cover. Feeding As for L. erythrurus.

Biology Behavior: as for L. erythrurus; territorial adults even more aggressive. Reproduction: optimum temperature 79 °F (26'C). Spawning tube appears some two weeks beforehand; 30-40 eggs are laid at a time. The young hatch in 48-72 hours and can immediately take nauplii; upkeep is simple. Males make violent thrusting motions during mating. Social life and compatibility: can be kept with other fishes in general aquarium. Antagonistic toward members of its own species.

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