Scleropages formosus Family Osteoglossidae.

Distribution Malay Archipelago and Thailand. Description Shape: thin, straplike, very compressed body Keel-shaped underside. Very large mouth, strongly oblique Two downswept barbels on the chin, Very long dorsal and anal fins standing opposite each other and forming a fringe. Huge scales. Color• silvery yellow, iridescent; barbels can become blue or green fins yellow-green with reddish shading Size: up to 4ft (120cm) long. Sexual differences sexually mature females larger in body circumference. Males have an elongated lower jaw and larger anal fins Environment In stagnant river backwaters and shallow pools with rich and overgrown vegetation. Temperature. circa 77 F (25 C). pH: 5 5-6. Water hardness soft water. Furnishings: plenty of vegetation, Feeding Live food only; dried food will be taken only in exceptional cases by young fish Biology Behavior ■ forms schools when young, tends to be territorial when older and at times is very aggressive. Reproduction: the male carries the eggs in his mouth until development is complete Compatibility to be kept only with larger but peaceable fishes. The tank should be well covered, as they are very good jumpers.

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