Hyphessobrycon serpae Family Characidae.

Distribution Amazon basin and Rio Guapore. Description Shape: elongated. Color very variable Back dark olive, sides gray-green; belly yellowish with an iridescent sheen. When the fish is excited or in a sta;fc of well-being, the whole of the rear part of the body i, blood red. Clearly marked dark patch on the shoulder. Ar indistinct lateral stripe, broadening toward the tail. Size up to 1 i in (4.5cm). Sexual differences: males mostly a brighter red.

Environment No special needs. Temperature 73-77 °F (23-25 °C) pH: slightly acid Water hardness medium soft. Illumination, substrate, furnishings: gooci but not-too-glaring lighting: not-too-light bottom material; about two-thirds of tank space thickly planted Feeding Omnivorous.

Biology Behavior: lively, peaceable, lives in schools Reproduction: fairly easy. Compatibility: good to keep with other, not too closely related fishes.

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