Spraying Characin

Copetla sp.

Family Lebiasimdae. Distribution Amazon and Rio Para. Description Shape: smatl, verv elongated, slightly flattened profile. Large, protruding horizontal mouih Upper lobe of cauda! fin particularly elongated in ;he male. Color: back a dark brownish yellow; sides and beily yellowish or greenish with a rust-brown sheen large dark-edged scales, producing a netlike pattern. Gill cover has a greenish-gold spot. A narrow dark tine runs from the mouth to the eye. Size: males up to 3J in (8 , females up to 2^in (6 cm). Sexual differences: fins ori the male are all longer and more pointed. Environment Primarily inhabit the upper water levels, floating plants desirable. Temperature 72-82 F (22-28 °C), the higher value only for breeding, phi: 6.5-7. Illumination good lighting, some sunlight. Furnishings: broad-leaved plants, not too thick. Cover tank, as the fish are excellent jumpers. Feeding Plenty of live food, especially insects ol I kinds when breeding.

Biology Behavior: lively, peaceable fish. Repi duction: from 50 to 200 eggs are laid above the surface of the water. The young fish are fed with very fine fooct. Social life: schooling fish. Compatibility: best kept n species tanks, or with quiet, nonaggressive fishes of about the same size k

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