Striped Anostomus

Anostomus anostomus

Family Anostomidae.

Distribution Amazon and Orinoco river sysu-~)3. rivers of the Guyanas.

Description Shape a long, slightly flat-sider.i ,3t, with a high-set mouth Color: mature fish have three horizontal stripes (brown to brownish black), wiih . lr|< green sheen. Site up to 7 in (18cm). Sexual ences minimal

Environment Temperature 75-80 F (24-27 C) pH and water hardness: medium soft, neutral to slit, tly acid water. Illumination, substrate, furnishings: a large tank with large, sparsely planted vegetation and I qg places provided by stones, pieces of bog wood id flowerpots; dark bottom and medium lighting Feeding Omnivorous, feeding on both animal and vegetable matter (bryozoans and algae); they will ke soft and decaying leaves, also swimming and Cray ng aquatic invertebrates.

Biology Behavior: a schooling fish, which spends most of its time "on its head" but streaks a r ay horizontally when disturbed. Reproduction bree ig has been carried out successfully a number of limes ui little reliable information is available. Social life nd compatibility: best mixed only with members of its own species; generally peaceable, but often given tochas'ng other fishes.

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