Striped Suckermouth Catfish

Hemiancistrus vittatus

Family Loricariidae. Distribution Tropical South America. Description Shape: characteristic for a bottom-living fish: low-set sucking mouth, surrounded by fleshy lips; pectoral and pefvic fins broad and flat Dorsal fin long, high and bannerlike. The adipose fin and caudal fin have an elongated lower lobe. Nasal openings have pipelike extensions; mouth has barbels. Color see illustration; variable as with all Loricariidae. Size:about 4 in (1 Gem) Sexual differences: the males probably have whiskerlike appendages on the head.

Environment Temperature: 70—77 °F (21-25 °C) pH: neutral to slightly acid. Water hardness: soft to medium-hard water. Illumination: medium to strong lighting. Substrate: sandy bottom w>th hiding places made from roots, etc. Furnishings: thick vegetation, but plants not too feathery.

Feeding Eats algae and other vegetable matter in its native habitat. Easily accustomed to commercial foodstuffs, but must have plenty of plant matter and food with bulk.

Biology Behavior lives on the bottom, in running water; territorial. Reproduction: unknown. Social life: aggressive toward members of its own species. Compatibility: very peaceable and harmless toward other species, even the smallest fishes.

Freshwater Catfish For Aquariums

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