Sumatra Barb

Barbus tetrazona Family Cyprinidae.

Distribution Sumatra, Borneo, Thailand, Cambodia. Description Shape: deep-bodied "banded bari Blunt snout. Color: brownish to olive on top; sides ha.'e a pale reddish sheen, edges of scales a rich gleaming gold. Four black vertical bars, the first passing through the eye Size: up to 2|in (7cm). Largest of the "banded barbs." Sexual differences female recognizable only by its larger belly.

Environment Temperature: 68-77 °F (20-25 °C). pH and water hardness: old water with occasional replacement of part by fresh water; soft, slightly acid to neutral. Illumination: ample but not excessively strong lighting. Substrate: soft, deep bottom layer with some humus Furnishings: plant edges and background of aquarium. Do not use feathery-leaved plants; the fish will gnaw them to pieces.

Feeding Omnivorous: live and dried food and additional plant food

Biology Behavior a lively, peaceable and active schooling fish; an active swimmer. Reproduction ot too difficult. Social fife: single fish become very aggressive. Compatibility: good to mix with other fisNs but not with peaceable long-finned fishes, since :"is barb will snap at their fins.

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Sumatra Barb


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