Tiger Barb

Barbus pentazona hexazona

Family Cyprinidae. Distribution Central Sumatra. Description Shape, typical barb shape but somewhat longer. Color: silvery-golden body. The wide vertical black bands recall the related Barbus tetrazona (see No 51). Size: 2J in (5.5 cm). Sexual differences the female is much fuller in the belly and paler in color. The male is slimmer; its splendid coloring makes it one of the mosi beautiful barbs. Temperature: 68-77 °F (20-25 °C); for breeding 81 -86 F (27-30 °C). pH: 6.5-7. Illumination substrate, furnishings: good lighting; a deep layer sand on the bottom with a little humus and ample veg . tation (two-thirds of tank space), the rest free swimming space

Feeding Omnivorous; needs large quantities of food Biology Behavior: a lively, peaceable schooling fish. Reproduction: not simple; needs high temperaturf Social life forms loose schools. Compatibility: eas kept with other nonaggressive fishes of similar size.

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