Tiger Fish

Datnioides microlepis

Family Lobotidae.

Distribution Central Thailand. Cambodia, Sumatra. Borneo.

Description Shape: thickset, compressed and high-backed. Long, spiny and soft-rayed joined dorsal fins Short anal fin and caudal peduncle; caudal fin rounded Straight underside and back. Color: a number of black vertical bars (usually six) of varying distinctness. S/ze. in the wild up to 1 ft 3j in (40 cm); in aquaria up to 111 in (30 cm). Sexual differences: unknown. Environment Chiefly brackish water, but also in clean fresh water, where they are said to breed. Temperature 72-82 'F (22-28 °C).pH and water hardness relatively unimportant. Avoid rapid changes of conditions Neutral to slightly alkaline water of medium hardness makes the best combination Furnishings. build hiding places of wood or flowerpots in the corners of a roomy tank; at least two-thirds should be planted with vegetation Feeding Exclusively a predator. Quite large fishes are consumed headfirst

Biology Behavior, territorial; intolerant of intruders in its territory, Often swims holding itself at an angle Reproduction: not yet achieved in an aquarium Com patibihty: In tanks can be kept only with members of the same species.

Cambodia Tiger Fish

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