Water Moss

Fontinalis antipyretics

Family Fontinalaceae. Fontinalis is derived fron Latin tons, fontis (spring), referring to one of the ¡-,.B_ ferred habitats of this moss: gntipyretica is due to an oi^ belief in its fever-reducing properties. Distribution Northern hemisphere. Description Typical of cold and usually running waters; this species forms tufts of leafy stems 12 ¡n (30-50 cm) long, anchored to the bottom or to a roc I. qj stone. These carry numerous oval or pointed dark g: en leaves arranged on opposite sides of the stem, at n jst fin (1cm) long, Jin (,5cm) wide and with a mari-ed ridge on the back-Propagation Vegetative.

Environment Clean water. Temperature: 50-59 f (10-15 "C). pH: neutral. Water hardness: medium. Illumination: good, but not excessive. Too much light leads to excessive growth of algae, which enshroud iha moss- Soil: mixture of sancf and peat-Note Fontinalis antipyretica is suited only to ccld aquaria. High temperatures cause rapid wilting.

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