Zebra Daimio

Brachydanio rerio

Family Cyprinidae Distribution Northeastern India. Description Shape very slim, small, very compress« sides. Two pairs of barbels. Color: back brownish olive belly yellowish white, the sides a luminous blue and marked with four splendid, gleaming gold horizonta lines, reaching from the gill cover to the caudal ftn. Blue-gold markings also on the anal fin; dorsal fin yellow al base, then blue with a white tip Colorless pectoral and pelvic fins Size: 2-2{\n (5-6cm). Sexual differences female more silvery and growing larger. Environment Surface swimmer, in shallow running water. Needs large, shallow, long tank, preferab:-exposed to the sun. Temperature 64-75 °F (18 24 C) 75 "F (24 °C) for breeding. Keep replacing part of the water with fresh water. pH and water hardness: no special requirements. Illumination, substrate, furnish ings: good lighting. Ample vegetation (half to two thirds of tank area), plenty of free swimming space, gooc aeration. Gravelly bottom, especially for spawning tan^ Feeding Omnivorous and easily satisfied. Biology Behavior lively, nonaggressive. Reprc duction. very easy and prolific. Use a breeding tank with a gravelly bottom. Compatibility: good for mixing wit! other members of the genus Brachydanio.

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