Paradise Of Tropical Plants Way Up North

Two things surprise most people who come into contact with Tropica Aquarium Plants for the first time. Nobody expects to find the world's leading producer of tropical aquarium plants in Denmark - a cold, windy country half a world away from the humid heat of the rain forest. And even fewer are prepared for the unique interplay between the latest technology and the committed, loving care that forms the basis for Tropica's uncompromising quality.

Tropica took a decisive step forward as a company in 2007. After more than 35 years' production at the same location, we moved to completely new fascilities on 1 May 2007. We made a major investment in a new nursery so we could continue to supply some of the best aquarium plants in the world. This 11,000 square metre electronically monitored nursery with accompanying biotechnology laboratory got off to a modest start in 1970 as the result of founder Holger Windel0v's passion for his hobby - a burning interest in aquarium plants. Today, Tropica employs about 50 people who are all infected by the enthusiasm that created the original business.

Plants are living organisms and, like everything else, they thrive best when they are treated with competent care and respect. Every year, Tropica cultivates several million aquarium plants in more than 130 different varieties that are exported to most countries in the world. Systematic research and comprehensive biotechnological knowledge combined with cultivation in an environment where computers constantly ensure the optimum nutrition and growth conditions naturally mean a great deal where quality is concerned. But we are convinced that it is the heartfelt, genuine interest in the plants that is the most important reason why Tropica plants are recognised everywhere as the most beautiful, healthiest, and most robust aquarium plants on the market.

Rapid, reliable deliveries everywhere

Tropica is the preferred brand name in tropical aquarium plants in countries throughout the world. This places us under an obligation. So, in collaboration with the carriers we use, we have built up a rapid, efficient distribution system that is absolutely decisive when dealing with living plants. Together, we have organised a control and service system that minimizes the risk of faulty deliveries.

Tropica plants are individually packed in special packaging that protects them against physical damage. In addition, the plants are effectively protected against the influence of heat and cold during transport.

Everything has been optimised in relation to plant growth at our new nursery. But we have also devoted much thought to efficient production flow - all the way from potting to production to packing the plants. A flow that ensures the plants maintain their high quality throughout the process.

Our plants always reach our distributors in a fresh, attractive condition, ready for sale. There is always somebody at the office ready to help you if you have any questions. We speak all principal languages.

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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