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PLANT NUTRITION liquid contains the most important nutrients for healthy and sustained aquarium plant growth. PLANT NUTRITION liquid does not however contain nitrogen (N) or phosphorus (P). PLANT NUTRITION liquid therefore supplies the nutrients plants easily run out of and which plants ideally absorb via the leaves. PLANT NUTRITION liquid was previously marketed under the 'Tropica Mastergrow' brand.

PLANT NUTRITION liquid Is added each week when changing the water. A flask is used to ensure an accurate dosage. The fertilizer is forced up into the fertilzer chamber by a single press on the flask. We recommend 5 mL per 50 L water per week, but recommend that the is set in accordance with plant requirements. For example, light leaves often indicate lack of nutrition, but can also be due to poor growth. Echinodorus bleheri is a typical example of lack of micro-nutrients. Regular dosing with PLANT NUTRITION liquid can restore green and luxuriant leaves. Note, however, that PLANT NUTRITION liquid is a fertilizer and not a medicine for dying plants. It is recommended that minimum 25 % of the aquarium water is changed eveiy second week. If undesirable algae growth does occur, then we recommend increasing water change frequency (up to 50%) and planting additional rapid growth waterplants such as Hygrophila, Vallisneria and Egeria.


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