Tropica Aqua Care

Tropica AquaCare is a series of fertilizer products which are developed based on 35 years experience within the production and development of plants, and from the experience of the most skilled aquarists. The products are scientifically developed to produce healthy and fertile waterplants, throughout the plant's lifetime.

A simple aquarium with gravel, light and water from the tap is, from the plants point of view, equivalent to growing in a desert. Better light promotes growth. However light alone is not enough. In the aquarium, plants are supplied with vital nutrients via fish excrement and food remnants. This does not, however, provide all the nutrients plants require to maintain a healthy and fertile growth. Tropica AquaCare products are developed to supply nutrition to waterplants without promoting algae growth in aquariums.

Both PLANT SUBSTRATE and PLANT NUTRITION+ capsules are products which supply waterplants with nutrition via their roots. The risk of the release of nutrients to the water and algae growth is therefore minimal. Liquid fertilizers should be used with great care. We therefore recommend that PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid is only used in aquariums where there are many plants and relatively few fish. PLANT NUTRITION liquid is suitable for aquariums with many fish.

Tropica Plant Nutrition Liquid

Nesaea pedicellata (033C) - photo: Ole Pedersen

Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

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