Colt Coral Alcyonium

Alcyonium can be propagated like Siriulaha, by cutting off branches with a scissors. The tricky part is to get the slippery cutting to attach to something. Several ways have been devised to achieve that end, but by far the best one is the use of cyanoacry-late glue. In our experience, severing really large branches is problematic in that they frequently suffer from bacterial infections. Once severed they flop over and secrete mucus, and may be lost in a few days. The treatment with antibiotics should solve that problem, but an alternative is to sever only small branches, approximately one inch (2.54 cm) long. These are easily attached to rocks with cyanoacrylate gel, and if water flow is directed over them they are unlikely to be destroyed by bacteria.

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The word aquarium originates from the ancient Latin language, aqua meaning water and the suffix rium meaning place or building. Aquariums are beautiful and look good anywhere! Home aquariums are becoming more and more popular, it is a hobby that many people are flocking too and fish shops are on the rise. Fish are generally easy to keep although do they need quite a bit of attention. Puppies and kittens were the typical pet but now fish are becoming more and more frequent in house holds. In recent years fish shops have noticed a great increase in the rise of people wanting to purchase aquariums and fish, the boom has been great for local shops as the fish industry hasnt been such a great industry before now.

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