Deflated Flaccid Anemone

Anemones normally deflate on a rhythmic cycle of expansion and contraction, and this may send the aquarist into throws of alarm. Long term contraction is often but not always a sign of a problem, such as infection or predation by a bristle worm or fish. In Entac-maea quadricolor the process of asexual reproduction via longitudinal fission is preceded by several days of deflation followed by tearing of the oral disc through the mouth and then through the column. It is easy to appreciate why such an appearance could lead the aquarist to assume the anemone is dying!

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The word aquarium originates from the ancient Latin language, aqua meaning water and the suffix rium meaning place or building. Aquariums are beautiful and look good anywhere! Home aquariums are becoming more and more popular, it is a hobby that many people are flocking too and fish shops are on the rise. Fish are generally easy to keep although do they need quite a bit of attention. Puppies and kittens were the typical pet but now fish are becoming more and more frequent in house holds. In recent years fish shops have noticed a great increase in the rise of people wanting to purchase aquariums and fish, the boom has been great for local shops as the fish industry hasnt been such a great industry before now.

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