Family Anthothelidae

Scientific Name: Diodogorgia nodulifera

Common Name: Finger Sea Fan. Yellow Finger, Red Finger

Colour: Two colour morphs. One is bright orange-yellow with red calyces and white polyps. The other is deep red with red calyces and white polyps.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Brittle: breaks easily. Does not grow very large, usually about 10 cm (4 in) tall, up to 25 cm (10 in), and generally not more than 25 cm (10 in) across. The sclerites on the interior are reddish. Not photosynthetic.

Similar Species: There are some gorgonians in the Indo—Pacific with the same colour combination, but no other gorgonians in the Caribbean would be mistaken for Diodogorgia.

Natural Habitat: Hardbottoms and low profile reefs in deep water 25 metres (75 feet) or more in the Caribbean, attached on the bottom in strong current.

Aquarium Care: Provide strong water motion. Secure base to the rock with underwater epoxy. May be kept in the light or shaded, but always where it receives constant strong water motion, and where it would be easy to feed it. Feed detritus, brine shrimp (nauplii and frozen adults), Daphnia, Cyclops, or pulverized

The most common form of Diodogorgia is yellow with red calyces and white polyps.

J. Sprung


The red form of Diodogorgia is less common. S. Michael.

The typical appearance of Erythro-podium with polyps expanded. J. C. Delbeek

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