In volume one we,discussed ways to control the populations of acoel flatworms that proliferate vegetatively in reef aquaria. The most common species is the reddish Con volu triloba retrogemma. We offered the possibility that certain wrasses such as Macropharyngodon spp. and some gobies and dragonettes may eat them. Now we have found another predator that eats them.

Since the publication of Volume One we've discovered that certain nudibranchs may be the best natural predators for control of these flatworm plagues. In the book Coral Reef Animals of the Indo-Pacijic, by Gosliner, Behrens, and Williams we read that nudibranchs of the genus Chelidonura feed exclusively on acoel flatworms, which lead us to believe there may be certain species that feed upon the flatworms that proliferate in aquaria, including Convolutriloba retrogemma and Waminoa spp. In a peculiar manifestation of the saying, "you are what you eat/' Chelidonura

The red acoel flatworm Convo-lutriloba retrogemma. J. Sprung


Acoel flatworms commonly proliferate (vegetatively by fission) in blooms in which they cover corals and aquarium decorations. These blooms also occur in the natural environment, in lagoons in the Indo Pacific region. Here flatworms are coating the surface of a soft coral in the Solomon Islands. J. Macare

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