Genus Capnella

Colonies are arborescent but some species may also be lobed. The lobes tend to be crowded with incurved polyps (Mather and Bennett, 1993). Sclerites on the interior are often globular, while those on the exterior of the branches and stalk tend to be shorter capstans, consisting of two distinct paits. There is an externally projecting, leaflike part and a more spindle-like basal portion that may or may not have high warts or root-like outgrowths (Verseveldt, 1977). There are currently 17 species described from Africa to the western Pacific. See Verseveldt (1977) for a key to the species.

Scientific Name: Capnella spp.

Common Name: Kenya tree, "Nephthyav, Nephthea

Colour: Gray with brown polyps, sometimes green. Bleached colonies may be yellow.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Forms a thick trunk like a tree with beautiful branches that sometimes hang like weeping willow branches. The polyps are like Nephthea, Lewualia, and Litophyton, but they are larger. Sometimes (on reef slopes

A delicate looking colony of Capnella grown in the aquarium in partial shade. J. Sprung

Capnella sp. J. C. Delbeek

Capnella Coral

Capnella maintained under strong illumination and water motion becomes quite bushy. J. Sprung

An uncommon Capnella sp. with branches that form distinctive catkins. J. Sprung

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