There are several species of photosynthetic hydroids that sometimes proliferate in reef aquariums. These creatures are actually quite beautiful, and they are sometimes confused with soft corals because of their feathery polyps, brown colour and growth on stolon-like structures. Despite their beauty, many aquarists hate them! The reason is that these hydroids have a powerful sting that

How Kill Brown Hydroids

Photosynthetic stinging hydroids that can grow like algae. J. C. Delbeek

Beautiful Soft Corals

These look like hydroids but are probably the polyp stage of Nausithoe sp., a jellyfish. They are generally harmless and do not spread as rapidly as hydroid colonies do. J. C. Delbeek affects or kills neighboring stony and soft corals, and tridacnid clams. The sting of some species is strong enough to be felt by the aquarist who accidentally touches them. To make matters worse, the strong illumination we provide for the cultivation of healthy corals, anemones, and tridacnid clams creates an environment where these hydroids also proliferate, and some species grow about as quickly as algae. So far no one has positively established a good control for these creatures. Most aquarists who have trouble with them resort to brushing them periodically with a toothbrush to halt their progress across the rock. This is only temporarily effective. Still, some tanks have trouble with them and some tanks don't. It is possible that certain limpets will eat them, and they may be the best natural control, but the limpets may also periodically eat soft or stony corals. If we discover a fish or invertebrate that is especially good at eating them wre will report that in the next volume. In the meantime wre offer keyhole limpets as a possible solution.

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