Natural Habitat: Lives in shallow water with its tentacles brightly illuminated and its column shaded, with pedal disc attached to a rock in sand or gravel. Common on reef flats among rubble and sand.

Aquarium Care: Phymanthus spp. are among the most beautiful anemones and veiy easy to care for. They adapt to low light and intense light. Feed at least once per month. Feeding several times per week will enhance growth. This anemone is ideal in a reef aquarium too. It tends not to wander, and it is not a particularly bad stinger. Place it on a gravel bottom next to a rock in strong illumination.

Reproduction: This anemone may reproduce like the closely related Epicystis from the Caribbean, which releases gametes into the water. Sperm are ejected from the mouth and eggs exit from the tentacles.

Scientific Name: Epicystis (^Phymanthus) crucifer

Common Name: Rock anemone

Colour: A whole palette of colour possibilities exists for this species, and in nature differently coloured forms can be found adjacent to one another giving a pansy-patch effect. The colours include green, brown, orange, and gray and white stripe patterns. The oral disc may be striped or solid. The tentacles may be ringed with pale stripes or solid in colour. The mouth may be a different shade than the oral disc, often a strongly contrasting bright magenta, green, or orange, or it may be the same colour as the oral disc. The column often has contrasting round spots of colour

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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