Chelidonura varians approaching the flatworm Convolutriloba. J. Sprung

In the blink of an eye Chelidonura varians slurps up the flatworm. J. Sprung

Chelidonura Varians

We regret to report that Chelidonura varians are not very long lived. We have seen them lay nests of eggs, which they spin like a cocoon, but we have not been able to raise any young. It is possible that one or more of the numerous species in this genus would exhibit better survival in captivity, or that a captive culture effort could be made to provide these nudibranchs in substantial numbers to the aquarium industry.

Some aquarists have devised treatments based on antihelminthic drugs to ricl the aquarium of flatworms. These methods can be effective, but we must emphasize the need for extreme caution with such treatments! It is essential to siphon out the majority of the flatworm population before treating the tank. When the red flatworm Convolutriloba retrogemma dies, it releases highly toxic substances into the water. As we mentioned in volume one, the sudden death of a large population of flatworms in the tank will turn the water reddish brown, kill all of the fish and severely stress or kill the invertebrates.

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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