*A budding process very similar to inverse budding (except that the pedal disc of the daughter is not formed by upward folding of the pedal disc of the mother) occurs in Stichodactyla gigantea and probably S. mertensii, see chapter four for photographs. The daughter "bud" and mother polyp are attached by shared tissue on the oral disc, while the pedal disc of the daughter faces outward. The daughter develops a mouth after becoming separated from the mother. Another similar form of budding has been seen in Ricordea and R. (Platyzoanthus) mussoides. A swollen clump of oral disc tissue with tentacles rocks back and forth for several weeks until it detaches, settles to the bottom and attaches to form a new polyp. Rhodactis (Platyzoanthus) mussoides also forms buds internally and spits them from the mouth! (see description in chapter nine).

Pedal laceration is clearly demonstrated by this Discosoma sp. As the mother polyp migrated toward the light (a growth process) it left behind a portion of the pedal disc, here still connected by a thin thread of tissue. This fragment will develop into a complete polyp within a few weeks. J. Sprung created fuse together forming the pedal disc of the daughter polyp. The bud is attached to the mother polyp by its oral disc, formed from the oral disc of the mother polyp. As the process proceeds, the bud alternately bends up and down until it detaches itself from the mother polyp. After detachment, the bud settles to the substratum, attaches itself with its pedal disc and forms a mouth and actinopharynx. It takes about a month to produce a bud, and another month for the bud to grow and detach. This form of reproduction may offer a means of dispersal for the colony as the buds are easily carried away by currents, and it may serve to prevent overcrowding in the original colony (Chen et al1995a).*

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