develop and sperm take only one year. As a result, two sets of eggs are usually seen in sexually mature polyps in female colonies; small, light-coloured immature eggs and larger, darker-coloured mature eggs (Yamazato et oil., 1981). Sexual reproduction in aquaria not reported, yet.

Genus: Sarcophyton Lesson, 1834

Etymology: The name is derived from the Greek words sarkos, which means flesh, and phyton, which means creature. There are at least 36 species (Verseveldt, 1982).

Beautiful Small Reef Tank Scaping

Closeup of the beautiful polyps of Sarcophyton sp. J. Macare

Two very beautiful small Sarcophyton sp., probably S. glaucum, in the aquarium of Bob and Debbie James in Toronto Canada. J. C. Delbeek

Beautiful Small Reef Tank Scaping

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