Ricordea yuma exhibiting elongated marginal tentacles. Note the white tips indicative of acrosphere development. To the best of our knowledge this is the first report of these structures in Ricordea. J. C. Delbeek limorphs on adjacent stony corals. He speculated that this was some form of chemical attack. However, as far as we are aware, there are no records in the scientific literature concerning allelo-chemicals produced by corallimorphs. It is possible that the effects observed by Wilkens could have been the result of extruded mesenterial filaments or mucus. We have also observed negative effects of corallimorphs on several species of stony coral including Acropora and Lobophyllia, and on gorgonians. Lastly, it is not uncommon to see mesenterial filaments expelled from the mouth of Discosoma when that have been disturbed; these are usually retracted within a few hours (see chapter nine).

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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