exposing the actinopharynx and the mesenteries. Once fission is complete the torn ends of the column roll inwards and fuse (Chen et al, 1995a). The result is two or more offspring that quickly develop, attaining the size of the original polyp within a few weeks. Over the course of a year Chen et al (1995a) found 99 polyps of R. indosinensis asexually reproducing, 73 of which underwent longitudinal fission!

Chen et al (1995a) described a rare form of longitudinal fission in R. indosinensis they termed "two-mouth" fission. In this case the mouth only divides and the polyp has two mouths for a few weeks. The oral disc then pinches in from the sides, separating the mouths but leaving the pedal disc intact. Eventually the column splits longitudinally. The whole process takes approximately two months to complete.

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