Closeup of Anthelia cf. glauca J. Yaiullo and F. Greco

Habitat Information

Anthelia cf. philippinensis J. Macare

Anthelia Glauca

Anthelia cf. glauca J. C. Delbeek

Anthelia cf. glauca resembles Clavularia spp. but the polyps are not divided into two parts and are not retractable. J. C. Delbeek

There is probably more than one genus presently grouped under the single genus Anthelia, (Phil Alderslade, pers, comm.).

Similar Species: Xenia and Cespitularia spp. form stalks, while Anthelia forms a creeping mat. Clavularia has similar polyps, but these are retractable into the club-like anthostele. Stereosoma is quite similar but differs by lacking sclerites.

Natural Habitat: Anthelia spp. are found from the Red Sea to Hawaii in shallow lagoon and back reef areas, often in high surge or strong tidal currents. The Hawaiian species, A. edmonclsoni, is found in surge habitats and down slopes to about 20 m (60 ft.).

Aquarium Care: Anthelia species are incredibly fast-growing colonizers of rocks, glass, plants, or any substrate with which they come in contact. Strong currents and bright light are key to success with this genus. Trace elements are also important for long term survival. This species is very susceptible to attack by protozoans.

Reproduction: Members of this genus are rapid colonizers of all substrates. Sexual reproduction has been reported in aquaria (Delbeek, 1989), and involves the release of what appeared to be eggs from the tips of tentacles! Anthelia glauca is. however, believed to release planulae as it is an internal brooder with separate male and female colonies (Benayahu and Loya, 1984b).

Genus: Cespitularia

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