Litophyton Arboreum

Sclerites of Nephthea. Scale bar is 0.5 mm. After Williams, 1993.

This finely branched variety of Nephthea is frequently called Lito-phyton arboreum. Litophyton is probably synonymous with Nephthea. Photographed at Jago Aquaristik in Berlin. J. Sprung

Genus: Nephthea

Scientific Name: Nephthea spp

Common Name: Broccoli coral, Cauliflower coral, Litophyton arboreum, "Lithophyton," "Nephthya," "Nepthya," "Nepthea" Note the common mis-spellings. The correct spelling is Nephthea.

Colour: Brown, yellow, whitish, occasionally green

Distinguishing Characteristics: Upright and bushy, arborescent colonies. Non-retractile polyps with supporting bundle of sclerites that do not project much beyond the polyp when closed. As a result they lack the spiky appearance of Dendronephthya. Polyps arranged in lobes (catkins). Sclerites irregular, spindle, or caterpillar-like.

Habitat Caterpillars Pictures

Nephthea J. C. Delbeek There are Capnella spp. that are nearly identical to this one.

However, the sclerites of Nephthea are quite different from those of Capnella.

Nephthea sp. in an aquarium at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. J. Sprung

Nephthea Brown Hermit Crabs Natural Habitat

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