Greyish Leather Saltwater CoralSclerites Sarcophyton Glaucum

Scientific Name: Sarcophyton spp

Sclerites of Sarcophyton. Scale bar is 0.2 mm. After Williams, 1993.

Common Name: Leather coral

Colour: Pale brown, yellow, gray, or green with white, yellow, green, or rarely, pale blue tentacled polyps.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Sarcophyton species all look like mushrooms or toadstools, with lovely polyps that extend from the upper surface. Their appearance is highly variable, and the same species from slightly different locations can look radically different. The common species available include S. trochelio-phornm, S. glaucum, S. tenuispiculatuw, S. elegans, and S. ehren-hergi. Sarcophyton ehrenbergi is considered the most beautiful

Sarcophyton glaucum. J. C. Delbeek

Sarcophyton elegans. This species is imported from Tonga and Fiji where it occurs in clear shallow water at the reef crest and in partially exposed backreef areas In this location it receives intense illumination and strong water motion. It is therefore more demanding in this regard than other Sarcophyton species. It often suffers in shipping, developing black necrotic areas similar to shipping injuries in some Sinularia species. Strong light encourages the maintenance of the bright yellow colour. J. C. Delbeek

Hermit Crab Habitat Black And Withe PicYellow Sarcophyton

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