A new approach to corallimorpharian taxonomy has recently been undertaken by Dr. Allen Chen. In several papers published in the last two years, he and his co-workers have been using ribosomal DNA and RNA sequencing to try to trace the evolutionary relationships of corallimorpharians, sea anemones and stony corals, as well as between the various corallimorpharian families and genera (Chen et al, 1995c; Chen et al 1996; Chen and Miller, 1996). Chen et al (1995c) looked at several taxa from each of the sclerac-tinians, actinarians, and corallimorpharians, and found that all the scleractinian taxa grouped by themselves. The other two groupings contained a mix of both sea anemones and corallimorpharians, indicating an unclear relationship between Actinaria and Corallimorpharia. Studies on the various genera (Rhodactis, Disco-soma (=Rbodactis) placed by den Haitog (1980) into the single genus Discosoma, have shown that there are distinct genetic differences between them ( Chen and Miller, 1996). The usefulness

of these new techniques in clearing the muddy corallimorpharian taxonomy remains to be seen. Unfortunately, recently completed revisions o Indo-Pacific corallimorpharian taxonomy were not available at the time this book wrent to press.

Table 3.1

Classification of the corallimorpharia

Class Anthozoa

Order Corallimorpharia Carlgren, 1940

Family Sideractidae Danielssen, 1890

Nectactis Gravier, 1918, Sideractis Danielssen, 1890

Family Corallimorphidae R. Hertwig, 1882

CorallimorphusR. Hertwig, 1882, Coryracfc Allman,1846, Pseudocorynactis den Hartog, 1980

Family Ricordeidae Watzl, 1922

Ricordea Duchassaing and Michelotti, 1860

Family Discosomatidae Duchassaing and Michelotti, 1864

Amplexidiscus (Dunn and Hamner, 1980), Discosoma Ruppell and Leuckart, 1828, Metarhodactis Carlgren, 1943, Rhodactis Carlgen, 1943

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