A tall specimen of Pseudopterogorgia in an aquarium.


Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae is a beautiful species known as "Purple Frilly," and it is being studied for its novel chemistry. It produces useful anti-inflammatory and skin healing drugs. J. C. Delbeek

Pseudopterogorgia Bipinnata

of many of the members of this genus. Pseudopterogorgia bipin-nata is similar in appearance, but the branches are finer than in P. elisabethae. Pseudopterogorgia americana is very slimy, a characteristic that readily identifies it. It does not ship well, unfortunately, but is a beautiful species that grows well once acclimated. It also is probably the largest species, attaining over eight feet (2.6 m) in height and even greater span side to side.

Natural Habitat: Caribbean primarily, but there may be some species in the Indo-Pacific. Most species occur on hardbottoms, rubble zones, and reef tops, oriented upright, while others, such as P. elisabethae and P. bipinnata are typically attached to the sides o) reefs and coral heads, oriented horizontally. All species appreciate surge and strong tidal currents. They range from shallow to deep water.

Aquarium Care: See description for general topic: Caribbean Photosynthetic Gorgonians.

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