from one of their major predators, the sea star Dermasterias imbri-cata (in Chadwick, 1987). It is possible that the Caribbean species C.

pawula may also be able to extrude mesenterial filaments so aquar-

ists should keep this in mind when placing other organisms close to

White stringy mesenterial filaments are clearly visible through the epidermis of this Rhodactis sp. viewed from below. Some of these filaments are extending towards the marginal tentacles. This specimen has lifted up its base, providing a rare glimpse of the basal structure J. Sprung it. The aggressive behaviour of C. californica also acts to control species distribution in its habitat by affecting larval settlement (it eats the larvae) or by killing newly settled larvae within reach of its mesenterial filaments (Chadwick, 1991). They have also been shown


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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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