Lebrunia Coralligens

Lebrunia coralligens in its typical habitat imbedded in coral P. Humann adapted to indirect light and will retract from intense direct illumination. This anemone has a potent sting that aquarists should be wary of. It also may wander and injure corals in an aquarium, so we do not recommend it for a reef aquarium with prized specimens that could be injued or lost. It is not entirely out of the question to include it in a reef aquarium, but use caution!

Reproduction: Pedal laceration and longitudinal fission suspected. Sexual reproduction not observed in captivity.

Scientific Name: Lebrunia coralligens

Common Name: Antler anemone, branch anemone

Lebrunia Coralligens

Colour: Blue, browTi and wTiite

Distinguishing Characteristics: Two types of tentacles. The most obvious ones are berry-like and extend during the day to capture light. Secondary ones are for food capture.

Similar Species: Lebrunia danae

Natural Habitat: Coral reefs in the Caribbean, including Florida, in coral rock in shallow water.

Aquarium Care: This anemone is unlikely to be collected without the rock it is imbedded in. Give strong illumination and strong water motion.

One of the most bizarre looking anemones, Phyllodiscus semonl, photographed in Indonesia. S. W. Michael

Reproduction: Not well observed because the anemone is located within rock, but probably occurs by asexual means. Adults release planulae that already contain zooxanthellae (Lewis, 1984).

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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