Septa Sea Anemone

Figure 4.1b

Sea Anemone Morphology

After Shick, 1991

This diagram is based on an imaginary anemone that has features of endomyaria and mesomyaria.

Figure 4.1c

Cross Section of an Anemone

After Hyman, 1940

Top section is at the level of the pharynx, bottom is below the pharynx.

2. siphonoglyph

6. epidermis

7. mesogloea

8. circular muscle layer

9. gastrodermis

10. primary septa

11. secondary septa

12. tertiary septa

13. retractor muscle

14. directives

15. pharynx

16. mesenterial filament

Retractor Muscle Gonads AnemoneMesenterial Filaments Diagram

Oral Disc

Oral Stoma Acrorhagus


Marginal Stoma Imperfect Mesentery

Mesenteric Filament

Siphonoglyph Actinopharynx

Perfect Mesentry Gonad


Retractor Muscle

Parietobasilar Muscle

Basilar Muscle

Basal Disc

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