In the aquarium one must be careful about placing zoanthids adjacent to stony or soft corals. In general, Zoantbus spp. are relatively tame with respect to nettling their neighbors, and they are more likely to be stung themselves. Some species can be in contact with soft or stony corals, neither causing harm to the other. Protopalytboa species, in contrast, have much stronger nettling ability, and they are not safe next to most stony corals, though they are generally safe next to most soft corals. Palytboa species gradually kill stony corals and may affect some soft corals. A few soft and stony corals are able to sting and kill Palytboa, however. In general, most species of Zoantbus are compatible with other species of Zoantbus, and the different colour forms and polyp sizes of different species can be placed adjacent to each other for a nice pansy-patch effect. Furthermore, most Protopalytboa spp. are compatible with Zoantbus spp., but there are exceptions. The undescribed Indonesian genus known as "Yellow Polyps" in the aquarium trade may sting some Zoantbus or Protopalytboa species, or it may be stung by them, so it is best to keep it apart from them. It will also sting and kill stony corals and should be kept at a safe distance because of its rapid growth and ability to spread quickly over the decorations.

Chapter Three

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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