The Identification and Care of Zoanthids 287

Filtration and Water Oualitv 287 Water Motion 287 Lighting 287 Tankmates 289 Feeding 290

Purchasing Healthy Specimens 290 Species Descriptions 292

The Identification and Care of Corallimorpharians 373

Aquariums for Corallimorpharia 313 Selecting Healthy Mushroom Anemones M6

Mesenterial Filaments 317

The Identification and Care of Corallimorphs in Aquariums 318

The Identification and Care of Sea Anemones 351

Aquarium Design for Anemones 351 Symptoms of Illness in Anemones 360

The Identification and Care of Anemones Kept in Aquariums 364

Predators, Pests, Commensals And Good Guys 41

Polychaetes 417 Moilusks 417 Anemones 425 Flatworms 427

Hydroids 431

Sea Stars 433 Brittle Stars 434 Biological Algae Control 435 Coral Diseases 442

Chapter Twelve

More Spectacular Reef Aquariums Around the World 451

Glossary 461 Bibliography 469 Index 533

This book is dedicated to our parents: Jan Carel and Ruby Delbeek and

Doris and Stewart Sprung for their many years of encouragement, love and support.

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