Caribbean, one basically encrusting; the other forming upright branches that have not encaisted over another gorgonian. The sheet or encrusting form has erroneously been given the name Erytbro-podium polyantbes Duchassaing and Michelotti (see Bayer, 1961). It is also possible that there is more than one encrusting species in the Caribbean as there are differences in the size and colour of polyps and pinnule development, as well as the thickness and consistency of the encrusting sheets (J. Sprung, pers. obs.). See West, Harvell, and Walls (1993) for additional information about variability in this m species and the possibility of undescribed species.

Natural Habitat- Briareum asbestinum prefers areas with strong currents or some wave action. The erect, non-encrusting form occurs on reefs and hardbottoms in clean water only. It also grows in deep water, where currents can be slight. In deep water the polyps are much larger than in shallow water. The encrusting form grows in bays and on reefs. In deep or turbid water it also develops very large polyps.

Aquarium Care: In the aquarium Briareum likes currents that help it shed the waxy film that it occasionally forms to clean off algae growing on its surface. Colonies of finger-like branches often have the polyps at the growing tip closed, giving the appearance of a bald spot. This may be a response to light intensity, ultraviolet radiation (and buildup of photosynthetically produced active oxygen), or simply a growth response. T his coral does not appear to capaire prey, so feeding particulate matter is not necessary nor useful.

Reproduction: The most common form of reproduction is asexual, as new polyps arise from the creeping stoloniferous mat. Sexual reproduction in aquaria has not yet been reported.

Suborder Alcyoniina j

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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