Scientific Name Cavernularia obesa

Common Name: Sea Pen

Colour: Brown or light tan with white tipped polyps.

Sclerites of Cavernularia. Scale bar is 0.05 mm. After Williams, 1993.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Soft clavate (club shaped) colony. Primary polyp forms a muscular peduncle, like the column and foot of a sea anemone, which buries and anchors the coral in the substrate. The upper portion of the primary polyp forms a reduced axis. Secondary polyps are arranged around the entire length of the primary polyp. Sclerites are usually smooth needles or angular plates.

Similar Species: There are several species in the genus

Natural Habitat: Sandy bottoms between reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. Imported from Indonesia and Singapore.

Aquarium Care: Easy to care for when fed regularly. Although this species has brownish pigmentation, there are no zooxanthellae and the polyps feed actively on detritus, Zooplankton, and possibly phytoplankton. Feed Artemia nauplii, Daphnia, pulverized flake food, and detritus stirred up from the bottom of the tank. Be sure to provide a sand layer at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) deep.

Reproduction: Sexual reproduction not reported in captivity. Asexual reproduction also not reported.

This wonderful sea fan photographed in the Solomon Islands had multiple colours within the same colony, prompting Julian to dub it "Fruit-Loops" gorgonian. J. Sprung

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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