Scientific Name Discosoma spp

Common Name: Mushroom Anemone, Elephant Ear, Metallic Mushroom

Colour: Highly variable. Blue, Orange, Brown, Red, Green. With stripes of varying thickness or spots of varying diameter.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Smooth surface, occasionally with numerous round papilla-like tentacles.

Similar Species: The most common types available to aquarists (i.e. blue, red, and green pinwheel-striped types) are colour morphs of the same species which we have seen called D. nummiforme, but we hesitate to say that this is the correct name. Discosoma neglecta from the Caribbean is similar, but has more pronounced tongue-like projections at the margin of the disc and thicker tissue. Young D. carlgreni look like Indo-Pacific Discosoma spp., wiiile older D. carlgreni look like Rhodactis spp.

Natural Habitat: Discosoma occur over a wide range of habitats. They may be found among the dead branches of Porites and Acropora in shallow reef fiats, on the sides of coral bommies in shallow lagoons, and in deep reef environments, particularly on dead coral rubble on soft muddy substrates, or on the dead coral base of reefs in deep lagoons.

Aquarium Care: Provide indirect light and very little water motion. Fluorescent light is ideal. With metal halide light place Discosoma in a shady location, below a ledge, or far to either side

Discosoma sp. with wagon-wheel colour pattern S. W. Michael

Spotted variety of Discosoma sp. J. C. Delbeek

Green Striped Discosoma sp. J. C. Delbeek

White margined and blue Discosoma sp. J. C. Delbeek

Discosoma Orange
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