Scientific Name Eunicea spy

Common Name: Knobby candelabrum

Colour: Usually pale gray with gray or brown polyps, but may be tan, yellow, or rarely, purple.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Sclerites in the axial sheath are mostly spindles, or blunt spindles and capstans, the latter being more typical of thicker branches and the main stem. These sclerites are often purple, sometimes violet or nearly colourless.

Eunicea species usually have characteristic knobby projections for calyces that afford an Acropora-\ike appearance w hen the polyps are closed. Colonies are often candelabrum shaped. The most commonly available species are E. mammosa, E. succinea, and E. tourneforti. There are many species, however, some with strongly projecting calyces, such as E. laxispica, and some with relatively smooth branches, such as E. knighti.

Similar Species: Smooth forms resemble Pseudoplexaura or Plexaurella. Eunicea is more rigid than the former and the latter genus never has purple sclerites. Muricea species are similarly spiny, but have projecting spicules that give them a distinctively prickly texture. They do not have purple sclerites

Natural Habitat: Shallow, brightly illuminated reefs, hardbot-toms, and backreef or lagoon environments in the Caribbean. Most abundant wiiere there is prevailing surge.

Aquarium Care: Strong light and water motion. This genus feeds well on fairly large prey. It will take brine shrimp, mysis, or flake foods.

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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