Scientific Name Lobophytum spy

Sclerites of Lobophytum, Scale bar is 0.2 mm. After Williams, 1993.

Common Name: Devil s hand, finger leather, "Lobophyton" Please note that the correct spelling of the genus is Lobophytum. Aquarists often confuse the spelling, changing the ending "urn" to "on" because of the spelling of the closely related Sarcophyton.

Colour: Pale brown or gray with white tentacled polyps. Occasionally yellow or greenish.

Distinguishing Characteristics: This genus is very closely related to Sarcophyton, and some colonies appear essentially the same as that genus, like large toadstools, except that in Lobophytum the crown has finger-like branches or lobes. Like Sarcophyton, Lobophytum has two types of polyps, autozooids and siphonozooids.

Similar Genera: Sarcophyton spp., but Lobophytum lias branc or distinctly raised lobes. In some cases small colonies of Lobophytum may not have developed lobes and so they cannot be

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