Scientific Name Phyllodiscus semoni Kwietniewski 1897

Common Name: Night Anemone

Colour: Mottled brown green and lavender with white column and tentacles. The overall colour of the anemone is dark greenish brown because of the mass of finelv branched vessicles.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Looks like a clump of dark seaweed. White tentacles and column are hidden by a distinctive mass of dark, highly branched vesicles containing symbiotic algae True tentacles emerge at night when the anemone feeds.

Similar Species: Resembles Actinodendron. The night vs. day extension of pseudotentacles and true tentacles is like Lebrunia.

Phyllodiscus Semoni

Natural Habitat: Cryptic on Indo-Pacific reefs attached to live rock or in sand in shallow water. Often associated with numerous commensaI shrimps.

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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